A Message From Brian

I’m excited to share with all of you that I’m running for the Fayette County School Board, District 5 (At Large) as your Republican candidate. This means you can vote for me AND your District representative – no matter where you live in the County! This is a newly created district that encompasses the entire County.  Whether you are a conservative Republican, moderate, undecided, or a Democrat — I am here to ask for your vote.

With four children in Elementary, Middle and High Schools in Fayette County, and being deeply committed and involved in the community, I came to understand the power of the school district as a whole. Not just Peachtree City, or Fayetteville, or Tyrone or Brooks – but the ENTIRE Fayette County school system.

I grew to understand how our Board of Education and school leadership could work well together and accomplish great things. I also witnessed, firsthand, many of the shortcomings of the Board, and where the struggles are to work through difficulties like recession and declining enrollments. The answers are not always as easy as we would like.

As we face the future, it is imperative for strong leadership on the Fayette Board of Education. It is time for a new direction. It is time to ensure the future of Fayette County education for years to come. We can no longer rest on past glory and accolades, and hope for the best. Our children’s future depends on all of our community — from parents and teachers, school administrators, the business community, our faith communities.

A strong Fayette County school system will play a critical role in driving the real estate engine of our county. It is instrumental in securing business growth and creating a community that our own children will return too.

We face many issues, from declining enrollment to teacher pay/morale, and much much more. Without a strong vision for the future of Fayette County Schools from a unified Board, we will continue to struggle.

With both a corporate and entrepreneur mindset, I am ready to serve the entire Fayette County community.

I will add more information here, and share my website shortly outlining my vision for the future of Fayette County Schools.

Brian Anderson