Eye Specialists of Georgia proudly supports Brian Anderson.”




“Thank you so much for your reply!  I agree with you wholeheartedly!  You had my vote (my wife’s too) before and you definitely do now! “
Morgan and Amy Kemp, Braelinn Elementary

I’m so excited about your personal interest in our community and our schools. I think you would be a fantastic board member and WILL spread the word! Thank you for your commitment!” ~~ Shellie Edwards – McIntosh High School Parent

“Can’t imagine a better guy for the job!  VOTE FOR BRIAN!” ~~ Mara Archer

“Awesome! You’ve got our vote!” ~~ Steve and Kirsten Soriano, J.C. Booth and Peachtree City Elementary Parent

“So excited to hear this news! Our family supports you Brian, BOE needs a new voice!” ~~Nancy Arinder, J.C. Booth Parent

“Thank you for stepping up, Brian. You would be a huge asset to the Board and great advocate for our children. Looking forward to your service!” ~~ Kym Goss, Peachtree City Elementary, J.C. Booth, McIntosh High School Parent

“Excellent!” ~~ Mei-Ling Hickey, Peachtree City Elementary Parent 

“Thank you Brian! Great news!” ~~Shelley Browne, McIntosh High School Parent

“Awesome!!! Vote for Brian!!” ~~ Janet Bell Baker, Fayette County Resident and Business Owner

“You’ve got the Roops support for sure! Super excited to have such a great candidate running! Fayette County will be blessed!” ~~ Brandy Roop, Peachtree City Elementary, J.C. Booth Parent

“Super excited to hear this!!! This will be great for Fayette County!” ~~Allison Elliot, Peachtree City Elementary, J.C. Booth Parent

“You have my support already. Good luck!!” ~~ Micki Walker, Braelinn Elementary, Rising Star Middle School Parent

“Brian, I am super excited. Could not think of a better candidate for BOE! It’s time our students have a voice on the Board — imagine a board member that actually has students in our schools! Can’t wait to see you elected!” ~~Stacie Kilgore, Kedron Elementary, J.C. Booth, McIntosh High School Parent